Hiking at Capitol Reef

Me and my family went to Capitol Reef National Park. And we did lots of hiking which tired me out sometimes but it was lots of fun.


One of our hikes was Chimney Rock it was hard but there were good views and it was fun and also it was lots of exercise.


This was a view of the road and do you see the canyon back there? And do you see snow on the mountains in the back?


It looks like mom was having fun. Mom’s the queen of the world!


This is a good view do you notice how the rocks here are reddish-orange that’s what makes this place different from other parks except for the other ones in Utah.


Dad and Jesse are hiking and there are more rocky mountains in front of them.

That was the end of the Chimney Rock trail but we did lots of other fun hikes.

Me and Jesse were being silly and taking funny pictures of each other.




Whoa again!


And even more whoa!

But taking silly pictures wasn’t all we did. We also did more hikes like the Hickman Bridge hike and that was the first time we saw a natural bridge it was very cool here are some pictures of it.



Look how small Jesse is compared to the bridge.


Same thing about Mom.

Sometimes me and Jesse are good pals.


We also saw something similar to the Hickman Bridge and that was Cassidy Arch.


Do you see it way over there?


Well now you see it.

We saw other things to like we walked through some Narrows



And Jesse found a cave to hang out in while we were in the Narrows.

We saw Fremont River on a hike that we started but didn’t finish cause we had to get back to the visitor center to get Junior Ranger but I got picture of the river.


And on that trail we saw deer!


Like that one and I also saw this.


That was all the hiking we did at Capitol Reef National Park we also did Junior Ranger and saw Petroglyphs but I didn’t get any pictures of those things. I had fun here and this was one of my favorite parks but it didn’t quite get to be my favorite.


4 thoughts on “Hiking at Capitol Reef

  1. Great job! I love how you point things out in your pictures to your readers that we may have missed otherwise. I am enjoying seeing the adventures you guys get to go on. Keep up the good work!


  2. Such a great review of your adventures, you take nice pictures too. You are also a good writer. Enjoy your time. Love you, Gramma


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